Deadhorsetooth were an alternative rock band from Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom from 2004 until 2014. Lifelong friends Mike and Moggy had often talked about forming a band having played together in various projects and jammed together over the years. Whilst playing together in yet another band they found a kindred spirit in Greg, himself also long known by the pair and whose basslines would form the backbone of the music we went on to create. Combined with Mikes pounding, relentless beats and Moggys effects laden guitar lines and rasping vocals, the music we made gave us countless hours of fun and enjoyment over the ten years or so we played together.

Although no longer active this website was created in tribute to the music we made, good times we had, and everyone who listened to, watched and supported us over the years. And who knows, maybe one day we'll finish that difficult second album!

Rock Hard, Rock Heavy, Rock Animal.

- Deadhorsetooth 2017

line up

Moggy - Guitar and Vocals
Greg - Bass and Backing Vocals
Mike - Drums